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Anybody who's traveled along the ancient silk road will know of the quaint dhabba's (eateries) that have served adventurous travellers through the centuries. Today, these dhabba's have transformed into charming little street vendors that dot the silk road from Mongolia through Tibet, India, Persia, to Istanbul.

At East is East, we capture the vibrant energy of these charming dhabbas that represent the beauty and diverse flavours of this ancient region.


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    Silk n' Spice

    Our food consists of thoughtfully prepared recipes that will take you on a culinary journey along the Silk and Spice route. Our head Chef was born in Afghanistan, raised in India, and has travelled extensively across the silk route to perfect her art.

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    Diverse Cultural Heritage

    East is East is a dream borne from the minds and hearts of Mustafa and Razaviah, siblings of Afghan descent. Escaping Afghanistan as a family during the soviet war, they relocated in India and traveled throughout the country absorbing the culture through it's language, art and cuisine.

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  • Music

    World Class Musicians

    Music is a cornerstone of East is East and Chai Lounge. The owners are passionate about showcasing the diverse cultural heritage through music, and are constantly striving to bring talented artists to their stage. Every night at Chai Lounge is a musical one.

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Your five senses will awaken at the Chai Gallery. The ambiance is dark and mysterious, candle-lit and warm. The dining experience is as if you have been transported into a different world.

Joseph Roberts, Editor in chief C.G.